Global Group Consulting Services, LLC through its affiliates offers the most current, competitive loan products, the finest quality work, a dedicated commitment to service, and the most current  market rates, all based on the highest level of corporate integrity that is available in the lending market.  In all circumstances our staff of Loan Consultants looks forward to delivering to you the highest level of service with integrity, helping you achieve your financial goals.

Global Group Consulting Services, LLC and our affiliate companies deliver Nationwide and International Commercial financing and residential mortgages in 50 states (as provided by law).   Take advantage of our residential and commercial specialists

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Business Owners & Investors rely on the Commercial Division – we get deals done!

Realtors, CPAs and Attorney clients prefer the reliable services we deliver to their clients!

Repeat & New: Home Buyers & Refinance Clients prefer our Residential Division for our great rates and prompt, courteous and reliable service all with honesty and integrity!

We deliver loans tailored to meet the needs of the client and the needs of the transaction.

Residential (Home) Loans

We deliver residential (1-4 family) mortgages through our trained and knowledgeable staff, personally matching YOUR needs to the right loan type that best matches your situation.  We also are a stop foreclosure specialist.

With hundreds of lenders, a home buyer/owner is faced with having to select the right loan from many different mortgage products.  Our professional expertise can help you choose the right mortgage product for your residential loan – purchase or refinance – and get you closed quickly.

Available programs include; stated income; full document; adjustable and fixed rate loans all with various amortizations; other loan programs are also available.  Contact us to determine which loan program and product works best for you.  We arrange pre-approval for your new home purchases so once you select your property, you’ll be ready to quickly close.

Our reputation precedes us – we’ve worked closely with many law enforcement, fire department and emergency responders. teachers and other civil service employees = we provide references so you can put your trust in us.

Commercial & Business Loans We deliver many commercial and business  loans to fit almost any loan scenario including institutional and private mortgages.  Our loan products include construction & special use loans, bridge loans, mezzanine financing, equity participations, foreclosure workouts, etc.

Global Group Consulting Services, LLC delivers commercial real estate and land backed loans for purchase, refinance, development, construction and renovation.  All property types are considered including; Multi-Family (5+ units) and Mixed Use property loans; Business Loans for Dry Cleaners, Gas stations, Laundromats, Restaurants, Car Wash, Self Storage and others; Specialized programs for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Day Care Centers, Churches and other unique properties; Asset based loans; Equipment backed loans and lines of credit; we are an SBA loan specialist with direct SBA lenders.  We service financing needs for individuals and businesses.

Bridge Loans

Global Group Consulting Services, LLC has access to direct lenders making short-term commercial bridge loans (all property types considered) from $300,000+ in the US with a preferred loan size of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

Our bridge loans are often made when timely institutional bank financing is not available.  

We can close rapidly to accommodate the needs of the borrower.

Global Group Consulting Services customizes real estate backed loans, lines of credit and equity participations to satisfy the requirements of the transaction and borrower.  All credit and property types are considered.  Working together with our borrowers, Global Group Consulting Services develops unique financing solutions!

Hard Money Loans

Global Group Consulting Services, LLC has access to a vast number of approved direct hard money loan lenders in all 50 states. These private money lenders have all been screened and filtered to only show the highest quality providers. Some offer LTV’s (loan-to-values) as high as 100% percent using two or more cross-collateralized properties. Nearly all of our lenders can provide you a loan not based on your credit or income documentation. Within our lenders, you will find lenders for commercial, residential, industrial and raw land property types. Generally a hard money loan carries additional risk to all parties in the transaction so the costs can be higher than a conventional conforming or sub-prime loan. The points, fees and interest rate to get a hard money loan will vary between lenders and the risk they’re taking. If you have questions, please contact Us