We utilize several financial sources to get the right loan that meets your needs. We have access to Hedge Funds, Wall street firms, private money, trust funds, insurance companies, joint venture capital, equity partnerships, bonds & CDs, and more. We can provide funding for qualified, commercial or business related projects of a legal, viable nature seeking funding in any major currency, no maximum.

We prefer to receive new business via our extensive network of Associates who head up various different global operations throughout not only the USA and Canada but also Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Accordingly, it is entirely possible that we may refer your Funding request on to our Associate closest to your location.

Furthermore, we are always interested in hearing from Deal-Makers, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds, Lawyers, Accountants and Brokers of all types and kinds who have projects they are seeking Funding on behalf of and would like for us to see what we can do for them and/or their clientele/associates.

TYPES OF PROJECTS CONSIDERED: All legal, viable commercial projects on a global basis when submitted via Petition,

TYPE OF FUNDING: Arranging funding for Debt, Equity, combinations of both, Letter(s) of Credit, Leasing, Factoring, Back to Back Loans, Mergers, Acquisitions, etc.In accordance with the rather exclusive and certainly private nature of the offshore commercial finance industry it is imperative that Global Group Consulting Services not only know exactly who our particularly new clientele are but also what their specific funding requirements involve. In order to accomplish this and to then be able to present reliable funding requests to the funding industry, Global Group Consulting Services must first obtain legal, written petitions either directly from each perspective client or their broker which must include at least the following: A) Some form of complete, written, documentation in support of the actual Funding request such as a Pro Forma Business Plan, Financial Statements, Appraisal, etc. and,B) A cover letter on the perspective clients’ or brokers’ stationery confirming the perspective clients’ complete, current contact details, stating the exact amount and type of funding sought plus any other pertinent details to the request.

Within about 5-business-days from the date we actually receive your complete Petition, we will know if we can arrange for the funding sought. IF we are able to arrange for the funding we will advise of such e-mail, in the form of our Invitation from our headquarters in Miami.