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Founded in 2002, Global Group Consulting Services, LLC maintains its principal offices in the Banking District of Miami, FL, USA


Ownership and Management

Global Group Consulting Services is a Limited Liability Company owned by its Managing Partners, Andres Guerra and Lawrence Soto.

Lawrence Soto:

has a Business Degree from the University of Miami with majors in Management and Finance.  He is a State of Florida Notary Public and Licensed in Florida as a Real Estate Broker and former Mortgage Broker.  He is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and National Association of Realtors.   Lawrence Soto is a former Account Executive for two National Lenders and a former Private Investigator.


Andres Guerra:

is a retired Colombian Naval Officer with over 10 years of service. He has a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from the Universidad Polytechnico Gran Colombiano.  He is licensed in the State of Florida as a Mortgage Broker and has a Legal Expense License.  Andres Guerra is a former Consultant with National City Bank.



Ariel Alvear H:

has licensure from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Chile. He is a licensed Appraiser. He works in the insurance field with Banco Bradesco in Brasil. Ariel has over 15 years of Real Estate experience and is certified by COPROCH (Corredores de Propiedades de Chile). Ariel is Global's representative in Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay. He is authorized to offer our business consultant services and the Waste to Energy Solutions that Global Group Consulting Services represents in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Doriam Roman P:

Tiene como profesión la ingeniería civil. Es Director y dueño del 66% de las acciones de Ingeniería. Mil. S. A. Compañía fundada en 1962,  en Caracas Venezuela y tiene como aval la construcción de mas de 400 edificios en todo el territorio nacional, ha contratado con el Estado, ha creado compañías tales como Tecno Consult. Empresa que ofrece servicios. de ingeniería, gestión de procura y gerencia de construcción a lo largo de casi medio siglo en el Caribe y América Latina.




Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a leader in business consulting by providing our clients with services that help them become more successful.  We will continue to improve and develop to become the premiere, professional consulting organization, providing our clients with world-class quality services customized to meet their unique needs. Achieving our mission will demand a sense of trust, support, and interdependence among these three vital elements of our business.


 Our Customers

Our customers are the main reason for our existence and we intend to keep them thoroughly satisfied by operating in a manner that furthers their business interests. By constantly listening and providing continuous feedback to our customers, we identify their needs and effectively translate these into customer-specific services. As our highest priority, our work will fully support our clients' business objectives.


 Our Vendors

We rely on our vendors to perform the physical services that our customers require. In order to ensure the quality of service provided to our customers, we utilize only those vendors who understand and share in our commitment to the customer and the Total Quality Process.


 Our Organization

The cornerstone of our organization is the dedication and integrity demonstrated by the people we work with. We value our human resources as the major driving force of the business, and provide them with the best available resources to encourage professional and personal growth.