The only alternative to landfill and incineration:

  1. Less than one tenth the capital outlay of comparable Incinerator Plant + lower running costs.
  2. A ‘continuous’ process therefore production is infinitely expandable.
  3. It can be easily automated, is fully scaleable and movable.
  4. Non Incineration – producing virtually no toxins or odours.
  5. Greatly reduces production of methane and the spread of disease.
  6. Returns valuable prime land back for development.
  7. Resultant product & residue of biomass is sanitized ready for re-processing.
  8. Process able to generate electricity or bio-fuel (or support for coal).
  9. Eligible for Carbon Credits by achieving EU & National targets.
  10. Reduces the need for costly future clean up (caused through leaching).
  11. Manufactured in country of operation bringing employment to that area.
  12. Worldwide patents applied for