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Sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of everything and make sure you are running your business the best way possible. We can help your company with anything from strategy to actual marketing and product development. We generate growth for our clients and work with enough companies to understand how businesses can truly succeed.

One of the resources that Global Group Consulting Services provides to clients is expertise—in the form of knowledge, experience, special skills and creativity; another resource is time or personnel that the client cannot spare. Clients include large and small companies in the private sector; Federal, State, and local government agencies; institutions, such as hospitals, universities, unions, and nonprofit organizations; and foreign governments or businesses.

Global Group Consulting Services advises on almost every aspect of corporate operations: marketing; finance; corporate strategy and organization; manufacturing processes; information systems and data processing; electronic commerce (e-commerce) or business; human resources, including benefits and compensation; and many others. Global Group Consulting Services  offers Scientific and technical consulting by providing technical advice relating to almost all non-management organizational activities, including compliance with environmental and workplace safety and health regulations, the application of technology, and the application of sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics.

Global Group Consulting Services offers advice on an organization’s day-to-day operations, such as budgeting, asset management, strategic and financial planning, records management, and tax strategy. A manufacturing firm building a new factory might seek the help of management consultants to determine in which geographic location it would incur the lowest startup costs. A family opening a new restaurant might hire a management consulting firm to help develop a business plan and provide tax advice. Global Group Consulting Services also might advise clients in the implementation and use of the latest office technology or computer programs that could increase office productivity. Some clients might turn to Global Group Consulting Services to manage the financial aspects of their business. Global Group Consulting Services also may provide insight into why a division of the company is not profitable or may recommend an investment strategy that meets the client’s needs.

Global Group Consulting Services advises clients on effective personnel policies, employee salaries and benefits, employee recruitment and training, and employee assessment. A client with high employee turnover might seek the help of a human resources consulting firm in improving its retention rate. Human resources consulting firms also might be asked to help determine the appropriate level of employer and employee contributions to healthcare and retirement plans. Increasingly, firms are outsourcing, or contracting out, the administrative functions of their human resources division to human resources consulting firms that manage timekeeping and payroll systems and administer employee benefits.

One human resources consulting specialty that Global Group Consulting Services offers is executive search consulting or executive recruiting. Firms in this industry often are referred to as “headhunters.” Global Group Consulting Services is involved in locating the best candidates for top-level management and executive positions. Clients hire us as executive recruiters in order to save time and preserve confidentiality. Executive search firms keep a large database of executives’ resumes and search this database for clients in order to identify candidates who would likely complement their client’s corporate culture and strategic plan. Information on these candidates is then submitted to the clients for their selection. Global Group Consulting Services’ Executive search consulting also might conduct pre screening interviews and reference and background checks.

Global Group Consulting Services provides assistance to firms in areas ranging from product development to customer service. We advise on marketing new products, pricing new and existing products (to maximize sales and profit), forecasting sales, planning and implementing a marketing strategy, and improving customer service to help the firm’s overall image. A pharmaceutical firm, for example, might seek our advice as to whether it should remove a drug from the market, or a retail clothing chain might seek advice regarding the most effective way to market and sell its clothes—in a direct-mail or online catalog or over the telephone. Clients also seek our help as a marketing consultant to set up business franchises or license their products.

Push marketing, sales, and traditional tactics for reaching customers are evolving rapidly. We believe that marketing these days is about more pull than ever. In order to get the message across you need outstanding creative that people love to share and spread around. We have an entire team of developers, designers, and social media experts that are constantly creating new content and media that people out there love. If you’re looking for widgets, quizzes, Facebook applications, flash games, or anything else that pulls attention we can help.

Global Group Consulting Services offers consulting services in the production and distribution of goods, from the first stages of securing suppliers to the delivery of finished goods to consumers. We give advice on improvements in the manufacturing process and productivity, product quality control, inventory management, packaging, order processing, the transportation of goods, and materials management and handling. A domestic manufacturing firm might hire Global Group Consulting Services as a logistics consulting firm to calculate shipping rates and import duties for goods being exported or to determine the most cost-effective method of shipping products. Global Group Consulting Services also advises on the latest technology that links suppliers, producers, and customers together to streamline the manufacturing process. Finally, Global Group Consulting Services might suggest improvements to the manufacturing process in order to use inputs better, increase productivity, or decrease the amount of excess inventory.

Global Group Consulting Services advises clients regarding issues such as staff recruitment, compensation and benefits, asset management, marketing, and other business operations. Global Group Consulting Services offers advice on matters pertaining directly to the industry in question. For instance, Global Group Consulting Services’ management consultants for the healthcare industry advises on compliance with biohazard removal and patient confidentiality regulations, avoidance of malpractice suits, and methods of dealing with managed care and health insurance companies. Industries such as legal services, telecommunication, and utilities also utilize Global Group Consulting Services in industry-specific issues.

Global Group Consulting Services provides services similar to those offered in our management consulting, but the information is not management related. One of the largest specialties in scientific and technical consulting services is environmental consulting services. Though its environmental consulting services Global Group Consulting Services can identify and evaluate environmental problems, such as the presence of water contaminants, and offer solutions, often after inspecting the sites. Global Group Consulting Services advises clients about controlling the emissions of environmental pollutants, cleaning up contaminated sites, establishing a recycling program, and complying with government environmental laws and regulations. A real estate developer, for example, might hire Global Group Consulting Services environmental consulting services to help design and develop property without damaging natural habitats, such as wetlands. A manufacturing or utilities firm might hire Global Group Consulting Services’ environmental consultants to assess whether the firm is meeting government emissions standards, in order to avoid penalties before government regulators inspect the property in question. Finally, government agencies may contract work out to Global Group Consulting Services to assess environmental contamination in a particular geographic area or to evaluate the costs and benefits of new regulations.

Global Group Consulting Services provides services similar to those offered by other private businesses and some government agencies, identifying workplace safety hazards and ensuring that employers are in compliance with government worker safety regulations. Global Group Consulting Services’ Safety consultants might help plan a safe and healthy environment for workers, identify hazardous materials or systems that may cause illness or injury, assess safety risks associated with machinery, investigate accidents, and assess the likelihood of lawsuits resulting from safety code violations. For example, a manufacturing firm building a new plant may seek the advice of Global Group Consulting Services safety consulting about how to build equipment and design the building layout in order to increase workplace safety and reduce human error. Or a restaurant may look to Global Group Consulting Services’ safety consultant to develop occupational safety and health systems for employees, such as slip-resistant floors and shoes. Global Group Consulting Services’ safety consultant specialize in a various type of hazardous material, and others specialize in a particular industry, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, or food processing. As with environmental consulting firms, government agencies may contract out work to Global Group Consulting Services for help with safety engineering, technical projects, and various kinds of assessment.

Global Group Consulting Services by contrast, seeks to ensure the safety and security of an organization’s physical and human assets that may be threatened by natural or human-made disasters. Clients might hire Global Group Consulting Services’ security consultant to assess a building’s security needs. Global Group Consulting Services may recommend protecting the building against theft and vandalism by installing security cameras, hiring security guards, and providing employee background checks. Our security consultants study a building’s design and recommend measures to protect it from damage from fires, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or acts of terrorism. Our security consultants also may recommend emergency evacuation procedures in the event that such disasters occur. Increasingly, clients are hiring security consulting firms to protect their confidential computer records against hackers and viruses. Government agencies may hire Global Group Consulting Services security consultants to advise them on how to protect national monuments and the national transportation, utility, and defense infrastructure—airports, bridges, nuclear reactor plants, water treatment plants, and military barracks—against terrorism.

 Global Group Consulting Services also advise on a diverse range of issues relating to the physical and social sciences—issues having to with agriculture, biology, chemistry, economics, energy, and physics. Global Group Consulting Services’ Agricultural consultants might advise on different farming techniques or machinery that increases agricultural production. Global Group Consulting Services’ Economic consultants might develop forecasting models and advise clients about the potential for a recession or an increase in interest rates that could affect business decisions. Global Group Consulting Services’ Energy consultants might advise clients on how to reduce costs by implementing energy-saving machinery. Finally, our biological, chemical, and physics consultants might give theoretical or applied expertise in those fields.

Recent developments 

 Management, scientific, and technical consulting has grown rapidly over the past several decades, with businesses increasingly using consulting services. Hiring Global Group Consulting Services is advantageous because our experts are experienced, are well trained, and keep abreast of the latest technologies, government regulations, and management and production techniques.