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  • http://www.reclaimresourceslac.com/
  • http://www.reclaimresourceslac.com/
  • http://www.reclaimresourceslac.com/
  • http://www.reclaimresourceslac.com/
Welcome to Global Group Consulting Services

International Project Financing

We utilize several financial sources to get the right loan that meets your needs. We have access to hedge funds, Wallstreet firms, private money, trust funds, insurance companies, joint venture capital, equity partnerships, bonds & CDs, and more. We can provide funding for qualified, commercial or business related projects of a legal, viable nature seeking funding in any major currency, no maximum.

Green Solutions

Global Group Consulting Services is a provider of financial and consulting services to the green and humanitarian sectors. Access to extensive industry knowledge, lenders, debt forgiveness foundations, package structuring expertise and underwriting knowhow allows us to offer comprehensive technical solutions to our developers’ strategic operating and financing needs on green renewable energy development project operations and funding.

For a brief an overview of our current activities, please view our presentation.youtube_1



If you need an outside company with experience catering to diverse business needs, give us a call. We are not a company that will throw you in a pile with the rest of their clients. We are a company that measures their success on yours. In addition, Global Group Consulting Services are cost effective, because we can be hired temporarily and can perform our duties objectively, free of the influence of company politics.  Want to see how we can make an impact for you?  Let us show you. 

Real Estate

Through our affiliate Global Trust Realty, LLC we offer our client a wide array of real estate services.  Through our Residential, Commercial, International, Developments Sales and Property Management divisions we cover all of your Real Estate needs.


Residential & Commercial Lending

Global Group Consulting Services, LLC through its affiliates offers the most current, competitive loan products, the finest quality work, a dedicated commitment to service, and the most current  market rates, all based on the highest level of corporate integrity that is available in the lending market.